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Managing Diversity and the Glass Cliff

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ISBN13: 9781843981909

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What happens to women when they break through the glass ceiling? Is there a link between women in leadership and company performance? And what are the wider diversity issues?

This report, the result of research undertaken by the School of Psychology at the University of Exeter and the CIPD, investigates the phenomenon known as the glass cliff, in which women and other marginalised groups are more likely than men to be placed in senior positions in circumstances where there is a high risk of failure.

The research looks at:
- evidence disputing the theory that men are more successful in leadership roles
- the experience of the glass cliff
- why marginalised groups are likely to be placed in precarious positions
- the factors that contribute to increased risk
- implications for individuals and business.

The research uses a multi-methodological approach, including an archival study of FTSE100 companies, in-depth surveys in organisations across a range of sectors, experimental studies, focus groups and detailed one-to-one interviews, to understand this subtle form of discrimination.

Benefits for you:
- understanding what the glass cliff phenomenon is and why it happens
- an awareness of the issues to consider in addressing the problem
- access to statistical data and anecdotal evidence of experiences
- tips for lessening the negative impact from the often hidden problems that can arise


Introduction: Beyond the Glass Ceiling
The Glass Cliff
What makes a Position Risky
Underlying Causes of the Glass Cliff
The Experience of being on a Glass Cliff
Implications for Individuals and Business
Conclusions, Key Recommendations, and Challenges


Michelle K Ryan

S Alexander Haslam

M Dana Wilson-Kovacs

Mette D Hersby

Clara Kulich


'This new report offers a compelling insight into the difficult career hurdles faced by diverse groups. Developing a real understanding of how to manage diversity and having the courage to take the steps to address it is the only way business will change representation in the top jobs. The report highlights the areas yet to be addressed and offers business a way to engage and motivate its senior talent.'
Caroline Waters
Director People and Policy