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Managing Diversity and the Business Case

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ISBN13: 9781843982234

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What evidence is there that managing diversity makes business sense? What are the business drivers? How do organisations understand the business case, and how much importance do they attach to it? How do they monitor diversity progress? And what is the way forward?

Based on a range of CIPD research investigations this report spells out the nature of the business case for managing diversity and its relevance to driving diversity progress in relation to legislation. It shows that organisations need to cultivate a positive approach to recognising and valuing all forms of difference to add value to business performance. Managing diversity is not just about adopting initiatives, but a dynamic process of continuous change which should take account of business circumstances and objectives.
Benefits for you:
- Access to findings from the CIPD state of the nation survey on diversity progress in UK organisations
- Key learning points from a CIPD action research programme exploring why and how organisations drive the diversity agenda
- An understanding of the potential of diversity management to contribute to better business performance.


Diversity management and the link with business performance
The business case for diversity - how prevalent is it in practice?
The business case for diversity - how much difference is it making?
Driving diversity progress - how much power do those in the driving seat have?
Managing diversity better - making more of what we know
The business case for diversity - what action research shows us
Pepping up the ace of progress - some ideas


Gary Mulholland

Ahu Tatli

Dianah Worman

Mustafa F Ozbilgin


'Everyone needs to focus on how diversity drives their business objectives to derive bottom line benefits. Compliance with legal duties is not enough. Managing diversity needs to be second nature in the way business challenges are approached and acted on. HR practitioners have a key role to play to make sure this happens and be the engine room to start the changes needed to embed diversity into the blood stream of organisations and keep the momentum going. Understanding what the business case for diversity is about is vital to make a real difference. This report is unique in making the case for the business case for diversity.'
Madalyn Brooks
HR Director UK & Ireland
Procter & Gamble UK