How to use ‘positive’ organisational politics to get positive results

11 April 2011 18:45 for 19:15 start
Sussex Branch

Subject area:  Corporate and HR strategy

David Bancroft Turner

The Academy for political intelligence

The Academy runs a wide range of performance improvement workshops globally, in addition to providing critical information for business leaders in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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Event details: In today’s increasingly complex work environment, studies¹ have called political intelligence™ ‘the missing leadership competency’ because the ‘traditional’ skills of leadership are no longer sufficient to guarantee personal and organisational success.

Research² indicates that the ‘negative’ aspects of organisational politics adversely affects morale, productivity and profitability and a recent survey suggests that it is a major cause of stress in the workplace.

Given this background, what today’s leaders need is not only a keen awareness of their political landscape, but more importantly, the skills to manoeuvre effectively around political minefields using a set of behaviours critical to getting things done in a positive way for all concerned.

The Academy for political intelligence’s Positive Organisational Politics (POP) Workshop gives Executives clarity on the types of political animals that exist within organisations and, using a proprietary diagnostic profiling instrument, helps them understand how to develop higher levels of political intelligence™ in order to create a more positive political culture for their organisation.

This session will look at:
• Being clear on what is organisational politics
• Measuring how political your working environment actually is
• A model for differentiating the different types of political animals
• Examining the 10 political preferences in a personal political intelligence™ profile
• Recognising political behaviours in others
• The 4 skill areas for developing appropriate and productive responses

The benefits of attending

• Recognise political activities and how to manage more effectively
• Create more productive and effective working relationships
• Reduce frustration, anxiety and stress
• Work productively with people you don't like
• Get things done in your organisation in spite of the 'politics'
• Not becoming a ‘victim’.

¹Roffey Park: Politics in organisations/Management Agenda Oct 04 through Feb 09
²Warwick Business School: The Power of Constructive Politics Nov 07
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This is the rescheduled event orginally due to take place in October 2010.