Code of Professional Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

CIPD Code of Professional Conduct

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Every CIPD member, irrespective of grade of membership, should be concerned with the maintenance of good practice within the profession. All members must commit themselves to adhere to this Code of Professional Conduct which sets out the standards of professional behaviour.

If you wish to make an allegation(s) about someone who hasn't adhered to this Code, please read the information below and then phone 020 8612 6208 or email for more information on how to do so, including the form that must be completed should you wish to take your allegation(s) forward.

The Code of Professional Conduct sets standards for CIPD members as individual professionals so does not apply to the following:

  • Allegation(s) about people who are not current members of the CIPD
  • Allegation(s) about companies.

We do not usually consider allegation(s) that relate to events that took place more than 12 months ago. This is because the longer ago events happened, the harder it is for people to remember events accurately. However, each case is looked at individually and allegations older than 12 months old may be considered if there are good reasons for the delay.

Allegation(s) that fall within the Code are investigated by a Panel of CIPD members who make a decision on whether there is evidence to show that a Member appears to have demonstrated conduct that is in breach of the Code. The member, Complainant and Witnesses may all be contacted by the Panel to ask for more information or evidence during this time.

If as a result an allegation(s) is taken forward into a Conduct Hearing, the CIPD will communicate with the Member at each stage with further information as to the process and what may result. Conduct Panels have powers to dismiss a case or uphold a case in full or in part. If a case is upheld, then a range of sanctions are considered, from advising on future conduct to expulsion from CIPD Membership.

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