CIPD Volunteer Network of the Year Award Finalists


Coventry and Warwickshire Branch WINNER

The Coventry and Warwickshire Branch have always been extremely innovative in their practice, and a valuable asset to CIPD.  Not only do they deliver an excellent service to local members, they have collaborated nationally on a number of initiatives. 

The Coventry and Warwickshire branch are a true example of the best of the CIPD branches.  They have established credibility locally.  They work collaboratively across the region.  And they have visibility nationally.  They embrace change, and work to support and promote CIPD strategy at all levels.  Both as a branch, and as individual committee members, they represent the best of the CIPD branches.

Our branches are run by busy people, who juggle their work and home commitments with volunteering on the branch to provide support and activities for members and the wider profession.  They make sacrifices to do this, because they feel it is important to give something back to their profession, and their professional body.   The CIPD would not be the organisation it is today without these volunteers.  

Membership Upgrade Assessors

This group of individuals perform a vital role in the membership life of CIPD members; without their expertise and valuable time, members would not be able to achieve the membership status they deserve and strive for.  Over the last 12 months, this small group of just 97 people have read through the CV’s, colleague feedback and applications forms of well over 4000 people. For each one they produce developmental feedback and comment in order to assist them to develop professionally. Their collective feedback to CIPD ensures the upgrade process is fair, credible and relevant. 

Many are multi-lingual and are prepared to undertake assessments in other languages and give time, out of office hours to speak to our overseas members. One of our Assessors even popped into both the Dublin and Singapore offices whilst abroad on business to offer his services to local members wishing to upgrade and we have two assessors who have delivered assessments on the front line in Basra. All this they see as giving something back to their Institute.  They give up their time without complaint, meaning we can continue to provide an excellent service to our members who wish to upgrade.

CIPD Online Champions

CIPD’s online champions offer support and empathy to fellow CIPD members. But also common sense, a sense of proportion and also – very importantly – practical advice based on their collective experience.  There is a sense of camaraderie and fun – many of the community users tell us they work in standalone HR roles so they really value the forums for added opinions and reassurance on their thinking. It’s like having an extra set of virtual HR colleagues!

Over the years the community champs have contributed to discussions on a very wide range of topics. From the serious and sensitive issues of workplace bullying, whistle blowing and redundancy to the much more light-hearted discussions such as ‘funny things heard in interviews’, bringing pets to work and ‘do you remember typing pools?’

They have shown fantastic levels of teamwork and commitment – many of the ‘originals’ have been contributing to the group since the beginning which was around early 2004 – and we’ve added to the team along the way and have some really great newer ‘champs’ too. 

Without them, the communities would be a more impersonal place and no doubt wouldn’t be as popular or well visited with 1,200 posts a month on average.

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