What's the CPD pilot?

Continuous learning is an attitude and a set of behaviours that allow us to succeed in our ever-changing environment, which is why we’re looking into the kind of tools and solutions we can use to help develop these behaviours.

Over the next six months we'll be piloting two different tools that will enable the effective logging and reflection of CPD. The tools are essentially easy ways for you to take a snapshot of your development activities, and then build your personalised content into a rich multimedia CPD log.


captured-logo-48x49.pngCaptured was founded by Sir Clive Woodward and developed by a company called Blenheim Chalcot. The tool was originally created for sports coaches to enable them to capture their learning and insights in the moment, to then later be used for the purposes of reflection.

My CPD tool - developed from Mahara

In Te Reo Māori "mahara" means "to think, thinking, thought".

Mahara is an open source e-portfolio tool and currently sits closely with Moodle, our VLE platform. It’s been developed into a CPD tool by our talented in-house learning technologies team over the past few months.

Benefits of a CPD tool

  • moves away from using Word and Excel to log manually everything you do
  • use of the App provided to capture what you learn on the go – anywhere and everywhere, online and offline
  • regularly updated content
  • a peer learning community where you can connect with others and share knowledge and ideas
  • supports your studies (and does away with piles of notes)
  • provides evidence of your CPD to other professional bodies you may be affiliated with
  • increases your confidence, adaptability and credibility as an HR or L&D professional
  • helps you stand out from others in a competitive job market and to impress employers

What’s involved in the pilot?

To ensure we cover all areas of our membership base and beyond we’ll go out to a random selection of members to ask for their support in testing one or both of the tools. The pilot will then be run in cohorts so that we can encourage a peer learning community and provide tailored support.

The users will use the tool to record and reflect upon their learning and development activities, whether that’s reading an article, watching a TED talk or reflecting on a completed task.

We will also test the auditing process, then after our evaluation period we will choose the preferred tool in Spring 2016 and undertake any further development work necessary.

Contact cpdpilot@cipd.co.uk for more information.

Want more information on CPD? Visit the CPD web pages.