Employee relations

Review this technical professional area in conjunction with the Core areas.

The professional working in this area of HR ensures that the relationship between an organisation and its staff is managed appropriately within a clear and transparent framework underpinned by organisation practices and policies and ultimately by relevant employment law.

Includes these topics:Profession Map - Professional areas - Employee relations
-Develop employee relations strategy, policy and practice
-Embed employee relations strategy, policy and practice
-Conflict management
-Collective negotiation and consultation
-Performance culture

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Resources relevant to the Professional area Employee relations


Employment relations (2008)


Employee Relations in an Organisational Context (2006) 

Employment Law: An Introduction for HR and Business Student (2012)

Employment relations: A critical and international approach (2011)


Making consultation work (2005) (case studies)

Employment law: The essentials (2013)

A guide to employment statutes (2005)