Insights, Strategy and Solutions

Review this Core area in conjunction with relevant technical professional areas.

The successful HR professional develops actionable insights and solutions, prioritised and tailored around a deep understanding of business, contextual and organisational understanding.

Great HR professionals work from a deep business, contextual and organisational understanding to develop actionable insight, and prioritise HR strategies that make the most difference at any given time. You develop insight-led solutions, prioritised and tailored around a good business, contextual and organisation understanding – identifying opportunities and risks and acting on them.

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  • The vision and strategy of your organisation
  • Products/services and customer profiles 
  • Financial and non-financial performance information 


  • Your sector and related regulations/legislation
  • Political, economic, social, technological and environmental issues.


  • Structure, processes, governance
  • Culture, values, behaviours 
  • Key relationships, stakeholders, how decisions get made

This understanding – and the resulting insights – allow us to create prioritised and situational HR strategies that make the most difference and build a compelling case for change.

Includes these topics:

-Develop insights and spot opportunities
-Turn insight into strategy and solutions
-Deliver and embed solutions

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