Organisation development

Review this technical professional area in conjunction with the Core areas.

Organisation Development is about ensuring the organisation has a committed, ‘fit for the future’ workforce needed to deliver its strategic ambition. It plays a vital part in ensuring that the organisation culture, values and environment support and enhance organisation performance and adaptability. Provides insight and leadership on development and execution of any capability, cultural and change activities.

Includes these topics:Profession Map - Professional areas - Organisation development
-Define Strategy
-Assess organisational capability
-Build OD interventions
-Managing Change

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Profession Map overview

Resources relevant to the Professional area Organisation development


Organisational Development Toolkits


Organisational Development (2009)


Managing change: A critical perspective (2010)

Developing people and organisations (2012)


Becoming an employer of choice: make your organisation a place where people want to do great work (2004)

People and organisational development: a new agenda for organisational effectiveness (2012)