Performance and reward

Review this technical professional area in conjunction with the Core areas.

The HR professional working in this area builds a high-performance culture by delivering programmes that recognise and reward critical skills, capabilities, experience and performance, and ensures that reward systems are market-based, equitable and cost-effective.

Includes these topics:Profession Map - Professional areas - Performance and reward
-Identify requirements and develop strategy
-Diversity and compliance
-Implement pay and reward practice
-Executive individually tailored and international reward
-Communication and performance culture

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Profession Map overview

Resources relevant to the Professional area Perfomance and reward


Flexible benefits: creating competitive advantage (2008)


Reward management: alternatives, consequences and context (2011)

Reward management in context (2004)

Performance management: theory and practice (2013)


Reward and diversity: Making fair pay add up to business advantage (2006)

Managing performance: performance management in action (2004)

Employee share plans: supporting business performance (2006)