What's new

Hackathon with Gary Hamel, CIPD and you  

We’ve teamed up Gary Hamel to challenge our thinking, and innovate on how we build adaptive and agile organisations, and on the role that HR plays in this.

Annual Review 2012-2013  

Find out more about the successes and achievements of our staff and volunteers in championing better work and working lives.

Social Technology and HR  

How has social technology taken hold in organisations and what difference does it make? This programme of research looks at uses of social media and mobile technology in the world of work, including the current state of play in the UK and leading practice examples.

Leadership - easier said than done  

Explores the capacity of individuals at all levels of an organisation to buy into and lead on the organisational agenda, highlighting how misaligned orgnisational structures and processess can get in the way of leadership.

CIPD and Australian Human Resource Institute  

We’re collaborating with the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) to enable mutual recognition for people holding corresponding professional grades of membership in either organisation.

Drive workshops  

One-day workshops, based on the research of award winning author Daniel H. Pink, Discover the surprising truths about intrinsic motivation and how it enhances performance and engagement in the workplace.