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Show me the money!  

Money may not be the straightforward workplace motivator we expect. Our new report on the behavioural science of reward highlights how alternative approaches to reward may be more effective in increasing employees’ intrinsic motivation to succeed.

This new report builds on our other research into behavioural science insights.

Are we putting too high a price on justice?  

Employers are divided over the future of employment tribunal fees.

Election focus  

Find out why we're calling for people and productivity to be at the heart of policy plans.


Does employment protection equal job security?

Learning to Work survey 2015  

The number of organisations that employ young people has increased.

HR is changing. Are you ready?  

As new HR operating models emerge, now's the time to start planning your own continuing professional development, by anticipating which skills and expertise you might need to support the workplaces and workforces of the future.