What's new

Employing young people 

This new, interactive tool will help SMEs looking to hire and develop the skills and talent needed now and in the future.

Quotas, targets and diversity progress

The European Commission is debating whether to introduce mandatory quotas to increase the representation of women on company boards. Would this initiative improve boardroom gender diversity? Explore the pros and cons of quota systems in our review of existing literature on this topic.

The People Skills programme 

We’re delighted to be partnering with J.P. Morgan to deliver the People Skills programme. This major new pilot initiative aims to help unlock small business productivity and growth, by providing quality HR and skills development support at no cost to businesses.

In search of better workplaces 

This new report captures the main themes that emerged from The Workplace Conversation - a joint initiative with the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) exploring the evolution of the working environment.

Unlock new talent

This new guide, produced with the #iwill campaign, finds that the failure to recognise social action experience during the recruitment process means employers are missing out on candidates with valuable skills.

Reward Management

Organisations still aren’t positioning employee pay competitively at the top of the market, despite improved economic conditions. Find out more about this, and about the variation in wages by sector in our annual Reward Management survey report.

Productivity: getting the best out of people

Our new research finds that the quality of work, not the quantity of workers, is key to increasing UK productivity. The report suggests that organisations will fail to boost their productivity unless they prioritise greater investment in workforce development and agile working practices.

Labour supply and the ageing workforce

The UK could face serious skills shortages over the next 20 years if employers don’t change their approach to workforce planning. Our new research brings to light these challenges and urges organisations to take steps now to reap the benefits of an age diverse workforce.

Skills shortages surge  

New survey, in partnership with Hays, finds three in four companies (78%) face recruitment challenges