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Labour Market Outlook  

Whilst the employment outlook in the UK remains strong, pay rates continue to be disappointing.

L&D survey 2015  

Just 7% of L&D professionals evaluate the impact of their initiatives on the wider business or society.

Mentors help jobseekers take a step ahead  

Steps Ahead Mentoring goes from strength to strength, with more than 2,400 CIPD members already registered as volunteer mentors. Together, they've helped hundreds of young jobseekers into work.

Size really does matter when it comes to HR  

If you're an HR professional in an SME, you'll have a very different experience from someone working in a large organisation. What can you do to maximise your impact? Our new report pulls together the reflections of HR professionals, business leaders and SME consultants to offer practical guidance on tackling core HR issues.

Getting under the skin of workplace conflict  

Alarmingly, our survey reveals that one in every 25 respondents said they'd experienced the threat of, or actual, physical assault at work. Explore the nature of conflict and how it's dealt with inside organisations in our new report.

Career Hub now live  

This gateway to information, interactive tools and resources is now available to help you manage and develop your career. It offers practical advice on career management, interviewing and applications and self-development.

Show me the money!  

Money may not be the straightforward workplace motivator we expect. Our new report on the behavioural science of reward highlights how alternative approaches to reward may be more effective in increasing employees’ intrinsic motivation to succeed.

This new report builds on our other research into behavioural science insights.

HR is changing. Are you ready?  

As new HR operating models emerge, now's the time to start planning your own continuing professional development, by anticipating which skills and expertise you might need to support the workplaces and workforces of the future.