Based on the Megatrends report, this short video highlights some of the key trends that have been shaping our economies and the world of work in order to prompt a debate among practitioners, academics and policy-makers on the implications of change and what the HR profession can do to adapt to change and help shape the future.

Megatrends report

Discover the biggest changes of recent times in work, the workforce and the workplace, and explore the trends that will shape the future.

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Read Mark Beatson's blog (author of the Megatrends report)

Has job turnover slowed down?

The first in a series of four reports, considers the bread-and-butter issue of staff turnover, a critical metric for all organisations and HR professionals.

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Read this blog and find out what employers in the West of England think 

Are organisations losing the trust of their employees?

This second report in the series analyses the various factors behind weak employee trust, the implications for organisations and how trust can be rebuilt.

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Have we seen the end of the pay rise?

This third publication in our series tackles one of the ‘facts of working life’ in the UK, namely the long-term trend for pay to rise faster than prices.

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Are we working harder than ever?

This fourth Megatrends publication uses evidence from different surveys measuring work intensity over the last 20 years and suggests that employees seem to think that they are working harder than ever.

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Megatrends infographic

The seven biggest changes of recent times in work and working lives condensed into one easy-to-follow infographic.

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Megatrends podcast

Philippa Lamb chairs a lively round table discussion on the four key questions posed by the Megatrends report: Has job turnover slowed down? Have we seen the end of the pay rise? Are organisations losing the trust of their workers? and Are we working harder than ever?

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