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Real life challenges of today’s leaders     

Dan Pink, author and speaker on workplace, business and management, delivered the closing keynote speech on ‘Leadership and the New Principles of Influence’

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Education to work

Dr Michelle Stewart

03 October 2013

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Real-life leaders: closing the knowing-doing gap

Opens the debate on the barriers preventing organisations from getting closer to effective leadership. It is intended to help employers bridge the gap between simply understanding what leadership is and ‘doing’ it in practice.

What's new

Real Life Leaders

Annual Survey Report

Absence management

Produced in partnership with Simplyhealth, explores absence levels, causes and costs, as well as how organisations manage absence and promote health and well-being in the workplace.

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Next Generation Asia

Outlook Series

Labour Market Outlook

This report, produced in partnership with SuccessFactors, an SAP company, finds that the short-term jobs outlook is increasingly positive - employment confidence has risen to its highest level since 2005, but there is some uncertainty over the strength of employment growth in the medium term.

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Outlook series covers