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What’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever done in HR?


Bingleby, the pot plant, asks this question

You might think it’s difficult being a pot plant, but that’s nothing compared to being in HR.
True, my powers of independent motion aren’t all they could be. And while Sally Gulliver kindly bought me one of those wonderful “eye pods”, I could have done with a little more Brahms and a little less Bieber.

But those small trials, and a certain amount of leaf-rot, are as nothing compared to some of the testing things organisations throw at Sally Gulliver, and all her colleagues - you good people out there in HR-Land. 

Ah, December: the month which pays Noddy Holder’s mortgage for all the other months in the year. So as we lope, wounded but not defeated, to the end of another year, it behoves us to reflect on some of the things we’ve done – and some of the things we’ve overcome.
And so we ask: in your HR career, what’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to do?
Share the learning, humans; it may be Christmas, but together you can be considerably more than Three Wise Men…

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