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House Rules for Training Session

The issue
You are going to run some training sessions and are not sure what to do about setting ‘house rules’ which will, for instance, encourage people to participate and not be disruptive.

Some responses
…I normally set out the do's and don’ts at the start; for example, mobiles/pagers on silent or off, set break times, ask questions at the end or at given points.

…in any training environment there is an implied code of conduct, manners, respect for other students and their viewpoints…

…put suggestions for maximum benefit on the back of [participants’] tent cards.

…get the group to commit to their own 'rules' as an ice breaker activity at the beginning of the day…Get them to write the 'agreed' rules on a flip-chart and then ask them all to sign it - the facilitator too!
I ask them to sign next to the [rule] that they feel is most important to them.

If a training session is conducted properly and the participants can see the need for the training, then improper behavior should never be a problem.

…and definitely ban the mobiles!!

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