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Steve Bridger

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4 Dec, 2015 10:50

Some of you have been asking why you are being asked to log in each time you access the Community.

Each time you close your browser window you effectively end your Community session, and you are logged out of the Community.

If you close the ‘tab’ you were using to browse the Community, but do not close your browser window… you should still be logged in if you open a new tab to access the Community (unless a day has elapsed).

The Community platform uses the same 'cookie' as another part of the CIPD website (which necessarily requires some security).

For those of you who used the old community, the same protocol ought to have applied, but for various reasons, it didn’t.

This requirement may be revisited when a new CIPD website launches in late 2016/early 2017.

The login process.

  1. When you click login you are directed to the website log-in for the main CIPD website.
  2. After logging in, you are redirected back to the CIPD Community.
  3. The 'cookie' will be deleted when you close your browser window or select log out for security.

This is what should happen. 

It shouldn't be like this...

If the website is behaving in different way… please email Web Support at: websiteenquiry@cipd.co.uk

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