CPD case study

Claire Doughty

Claire-DoughtyCompany:COD-e, Creating Organisational Development Effectively

Job title:Director

Interests:Coaching, Leadership and HR Performance

How did you first get started in CPD?

My interest in CPD started properly, and I use properly because I would say when I really felt the need to do it rather than believing that I should do it, began 3 years ago. The first tipping point was when as a corporate HR Director I needed to translate the mania that goes on day in day out to see where actions had been delivered and the personal impact and learning that it had given myself as an individual. This is when I started a process of goals and daily reflection on where initiatives were and what I needed to do to meet these.

How do you make sure you reflect on your learning?

The benefit of keeping a learning journal from this perspective gave great satisfaction as to what was being delivered and the skills that I was utilising and new skills and approaches that I needed to develop week in week out to maintain credibility and really step up to the challenges that were being presented and created.

How have you and others benefited from your learning?

The other reason is to see where I am really going, by writing my journal I very consciously consider - how could that be done better. The next time that CPD became very crucial to my development was when I started coaching professionally. It is important when helping others achieve their goals that we consider our approach and to do this you need to sit back and reflect on your own learning's through each programme that you are involved in to ensure that your own impact and action is the right approach for the individual involved.

What have been the tangible outcomes of your CPD?

A considerable growth in client base and ongoing commitment to continue to deliver more and more for clients. A real sense of knowing at all times things to go over in my own mind again, using and learning through others new techniques to stay current.

What are your CPD plans for the coming year?

My CPD plans were to upgrade to Chartered FCIPD - this is now done - my further plans are to begin a course in organisational psychology for business. I have the forms so it will be started - behind the CPD should always be real goals to you and in meeting these goals your CPD is met. So, stick to it!

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