Learner support

Learner support through CIPD Flexible Learning+ is provided by leading CIPD qualification providers selected by CIPD's learning arm.

Learner support includes:

Practical face to face workshops


You'll enjoy a supportive learning environment from day one, starting with your induction. This is where you'll meet your facilitator and the rest of your study group. During your induction, you get to know each other in a fun and supportive way and are given an overview of your programme. Lunch and refreshments are provided at all workshop events.

Monthly workshops right across the UK

Approximately once a month you'll meet up with your group at your local study venue for a workshop run by your facilitator. You'll find your workshops interactive and practical, with a strong focus on workplace application.

You'll discuss key theories and models as you undertake practical exercises guided by your facilitator. These events are a great opportunity to build your knowledge, skills and understanding in a very practical way. As well as the experience you bring, you'll also benefit from the experience of your peers who are likely to work across a range of sectors. This mix of insight provides a rich learning environment for you to flourish in.

If you're unable to attend one of your scheduled workshops, you can simply attend that session at the same or another location so you can keep on track.

Support in between your workshops

Facilitator support from current HR/L&D practitioners

With CIPD Flexible Learning+ we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled facilitator support. Facilitators are current HR and L&D practitioners; when they're not working with you on your programme, they're on assignments with a wide range of organisations. Their extensive experience and expertise brings key theories to life, enriching your learning and helping you to immediately apply your new skills and knowledge back in your workplace.

In between workshops, your facilitator is available to offer you additional support when you need it. You can contact them by phone, email or online at a time that suits you.

It's this rich source of expert facilitator support that differentiates us from many other providers.

Online support

A unique aspect of CIPD Flexible Learning+ is the online support. When you do a CIPD Flexible Learning+ programme, you'll gain access to a dedicated learning platform that will enhance your learning experience.

Between workshops, you'll use the online platform to aid your self-study through a rich mix of online learning opportunities. Plus, it provides the perfect place to stay in touch with your facilitator and study group.

The learning platform also helps you to structure your studies, guiding you through a wealth of additional resources, and helping you use your study time as smartly as possible. The hard work of searching and sifting through online resources has been done for you, so you can rest assured you are using your time to best effect.