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CIPD announces its new regional base for Asia

HR is a global profession, serving organisations operating across international boundaries.  The best of global practice and thinking in HR has often been found in the UK and the US – but in today’s world that is a cosy assumption that is past its sell-by date.  A third of our members tell us international responsibilities form part of their roles, and many have roles that are global in scope.  But even those operating in roles without global responsibilities are operating in global marketplaces, or at the very least in a profession that is finding international learning and experience is shaping its future.  We know from our research that current and potential members want and expect more international insight and global reach from us.  This is one of the key reasons behind our decision to establish a regional CIPD presence in Asia.

Over the course of nearly 100 years of history, the CIPD has built global profile and respect.  That profile and respect has been built on the strength of our rigorous membership standards and the qualifications we’ve delivered for the profession.  But we’re always looking for opportunities to develop and enhance what we are able to offer to our members.  We want to increase the relevant support we can offer to members with increasingly global roles, to continue leading thought and practice fully informed by best practice wherever it is to be found, and to fully seize the opportunity to lead in shaping a truly global development framework for the HR profession.  Greater international profile for the CIPD will also serve to raise the profile and strengthen the credibility of CIPD professional membership as the professional badge of competence for HR professionals operating on a global stage – to the benefit of existing and future members.

We’ve already delivered a lot.  As we built the CIPD Profession Map, the global development framework that resulted from our comprehensive review of professional standards, we placed global relevance at the heart of our work.  Our Next Generation HR programme has also already delivered a substantial research strand examining the development of next generation HR practice in Asia, and considering the implications of this for HR in the West.

But we believe the only way we can deliver truly global reach and insight is to establish ourselves more comprehensively in other parts of the world.  That’s why we’ve decided to pilot a more international approach by establishing a CIPD regional base for Asia, operating out of Singapore.

Singapore hosts the regional headquarters of a large number of multinational corporations.  It boasts a high quality education sector, and an already established track record in acting as a regional centre for learning – hosting regional bases for Western higher education establishments and ‘corporate universities’ for multinationals.  It also offers the ideal geographic hub to give us access to the high growth Asia region.  The Singapore Government has actively supported our plans to locate our regional base there.  They see a strong fit between our plans and their own ambition to establish Singapore as “a talent hub for the region”.

CIPD and Bridge, working together, are ideally placed to serve the demands of this exciting region - building both HR and leadership capability.  Bridge already has four years experience of successful work in the Asia Pacific region, which we will be looking to build and capitalise on. We’ll also be working to establish productive partnerships with respected local education providers. And we’ve already seen plenty of examples of innovation and agility in HR in the region - just the kind of examples we’ll be looking to learn from and capture, for the benefit of CIPD members operating in the UK and around the world.

This is an exciting moment for the CIPD.  We already attract global respect and credibility.  But I'm frequently challenged by HR professionals who don’t believe we’re as equipped as we could be to reflect and support the international profession in which they operate.  They have growing global expectations of their professional body.  CIPD Asia will help us to change those perceptions and meet those expectations.

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