Southern Region Programme of Events 2016/2017

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Southern Region Programme of Events 2016/2017

Published September 2016

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Welcome to the CIPD Ireland Southern Region Programme of Events for the 2016/2017 academic year.

CIPD have been setting the benchmark in people and organisational development for more than a century. In 2016, CIPD Ireland Southern Region has developed a programme of events that will show:

  • clear learnings from our past
  • innovation and creativity for our present
  • forward thinking strategic focus for our future

While HR is always about the people, many factors contribute to how HR operates in different organisations. The environment in which we work is ever changing; in every business it is the undisputed role of HR to embrace change and move forward for the good of the organisation and its people. It is our hope that you, our CIPD members, will find these events challenging, informative and an integral part of your own continued professional development.

I also want to acknowledge the work of my teammates on the Southern Region Committee without whom these events would not be possible. Thank you all!

Margaret Collins Chartered MCIPD
Chair, CIPD Ireland Southern Region

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