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The Perspective of Whistleblowers in Banking – Another Successful CIPD Western Region Event

6 November 2014

Western Region Whistleblowing Event - Dundon

CIPD Western Region in association with sponsors NUI Galway held a talk about the perspectives of whistleblowers in banking   organisations, their decisions to speak up and the different experiences the whistleblowers received in their organisations. Guest speaker, Dr Kate Kenny of Queens University Management School, Belfast, shared examples from her own research, thus giving the audience real insights as told through the stories of real people.

Dr Kenny spoke of Institutional Corruption as the sets of pressures that could influence people to act unethically eg bonus targets. Her research findings also supported the concept of Structural Economy of Influence which included the absence of formal complaints procedures and whistleblowers that held important roles in lowly positions. In addition she spoke of appropriate attachments which include the temptation to avoid conflict in order to keep the peace. Finally, Dr Kenny provided recommendations on how to embed a whistleblowing culture which included the importance of senior accountability as well as proper investigations with subsequent actions.

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