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Choosing to pay for your membership by Euro Direct Debit

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Euro Direct Debit Form

Published October 2016

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Download the 'Euro Direct Debit Form' pdf 2238 KB, sepa-core-direct-debit-mandate_2016.pdf. Opens in a new window.

Ensure continuity of your essential membership by paying by Euro Direct Debit

If you're a CIPD member based in the eurozone, you can now choose to pay for your membership in euros by setting up a Euro Direct Debit. You can choose to set an annual or quarterly Direct Debit. Please download and print out the attached Euro Direct Debit instruction, complete it by hand and return in the post to:

Membership Renewals
151 The Broadway
London SW19 1JQ

If you have any questions about Euro Direct Debit, please call the membership team on +44 (0) 20 8612 6242.