Press Release


CIPD Ireland Masterclass Series

Thursday 25 September 2014

CIPD Ireland was recently challenged by the question ‘What are we doing for the profession and the professionals?’

Our response has been the Masterclass Series; a sequence of one-day workshops where we bring world class knowledge and learning from best in class, expert facilitators. 

The emphasis is on what’s practical and relevant to the HR needs of businesses and organisations. Our aim is to develop knowledge, skills and understanding while providing structures, case studies and methodologies to support new projects, interventions or changes in the workplace. 

We believe this approach has tangible value and many seem to agree with the first Masterclass Introduction to Business Analytics for HR Business Partners and Practitioners a sell-out with another date added. 

The next Masterclass will be on Organisation Development in December and will be followed by one on Talent Management in the New Year and the Annual Conference in May. 

We are also determined to bring similar events to our members in the CIPD Ireland Regional Groups, not just on the eastern seaboard and will be consulting with the Regional Chairs on how we can do this.