News Release

PACE Volunteer Award

Kevin Empey - PACE Volunteer Award

Michael McDonnell, MD, CIPD Ireland, and Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD, present the award to Kevin Empey, Director Consulting Services, Towers Watson

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Our volunteers play an essential role in driving CIPD’s core strategic priorities, and underpin the professional community that membership to our organisation provides. Their commitment helps deliver a range of CIPD activities and services at local, regional and national level and they serve as a great professional role models for other members.

CIPD’s values of Purposeful, Agile, Collaborative and Expert are now a key part of how we recognise and award our volunteers. The first individual recipient of the CIPD PACE Volunteer Award is Kevin Empey, Director Consulting Services, Towers Watson.

Kevin is an active member of the CIPD Ireland National Committee and creator of Worklink, a voluntary not-for-profit organisation established to assist unemployed people. Worklink provides mentoring and career development opportunities for job seekers. Over 200 HR practitioners have already signed-up to provide work preparation service and the results to date have been excellent with individuals, particularly those termed long-time unemployed being given a new sense of hope with many obtaining employment after years on benefit. The initiative has been recognised by the Government.

Worklink is now partnering with CIPD Ireland to roll-out the Steps Ahead mentoring programme aimed at young job seekers (aged 18–24). For further information on this initiative please contact the CIPD Ireland office.