Press Release

Remarks by Michael McDonnell, Managing Director, CIPD Ireland at the IRN Conference, Dublin, Thursday 13 March 2014

National Social Accord

CIPD calls for the establishment of a National Social Accord encompassing all sectors of the economy. This Social Accord will focus on the critical issues of: 

  • Competitiveness
  • Education, research and technological knowledge – including the creation of new partnerships between work and educational sectors to address the challenge of up-skilling the existing workforce
  • Entrepreneurships
  • The urgent need to rapidly expand the range and scope of the apprenticeship system (CIPD also calls for the name 'apprenticeship' to be scrapped, it has become tainted as a second rate educational option)
  • The need to establish an integrated work activation programme
  • The development of Ireland as a Centre of Excellence in global talent
  • The development of the SME sectors


CIPD is seeking significant PAYE tax relief to improve net income, this will help to kick-start the domestic economy while maintaining competiveness. 

In the short-term CIPD predicts that private sector pay will be determined at the micro level, that is, between the company and its employees.


Michael McDonnell
Managing Director, CIPD Ireland
Marine House, Clanwilliam Place, Dublin 2

Telephone: 087 988 3919