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Building on our research into behavioural science insights for learning and development, we now make the case for applying the lens more widely to other aspects of work and HR – developing the behavioural science of HR.

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Neuroscience and learning

This report, written with Dr Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol, explores how neuroscience can give us powerful insights into learning and development and its supporting processes.

"Neuroscience is producing many insights with genuine relevance for L&D ... they are an exciting new source of evidence to be used alongside other perspectives in the on-going development and evaluation of new approaches to L&D."

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Insights from behavioural science can make us happier and more successful at work, but business practices are lagging behind, says CIPD

New guidance from the CIPD recommends that businesses embrace insights from behavioural science to boost employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity at work

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Cognition, decision and expertise

This report, written with Dr Adrian P Banks of the University of Surrey, looks at how we reason and make choices, and how this influences the way we behave and act at work.

"As the world of learning shifts towards more social, collaborative and interactive learning, these thinking, perceiving and sense-making skills will become invaluable."

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CIPD Podcast - Neuroscience and its impact on people development

In this podcast David Rock, CEO of NeuroLeadership Group and Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD, discuss how neuroscience is changing the way we think about key areas of people development in the workplace, including how people learn, how leaders are developed, how performance is managed and how people are motivated.

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Insight and intuition

This report, written with Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith of the University of Surrey, addresses intuition and insight, linking them to the behaviours of creativity and innovation.

"Intuition and insight are more abstract than other cognitive skills such as numeracy and verbal reasoning, but they have a demonstrable and often disproportionate impact on thinking effectiveness."

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From steady state to ready state: a need for fresh thinking in learning and talent development?

Provides an overview of traditional learning models and introduces newer models from neuroscience, cognitive research and behavioural science.

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