Welcome to the CIPD's pensions area, which has been developed in partnership with KPMG. In this area you’ll find a range of resources relating to auto-enrolment, pensions strategy, administration and technology, communication and trustee support. Many of the resources in this area are for CIPD members only. KPMG is the CIPD's online knowledge partner for pensions and auto-enrolment. 

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Automatic pension enrolment is the biggest shake up of workplace pensions for a generation. These resources will provide you with guidance on what you need to do, when you need to do it and how you should go about it. They’ll also help you consider your approach in context of your reward offering and other government initiatives, such as real time information.

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Pensions environment

The pensions landscape is heavily influenced by the law and regulation. These resources will keep you up-to-date with the latest legal, regulatory and compliance developments in the UK. In addition, they’ll provide you with information on other factors that will influence your future pension provision, management and administration.

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Design of pensions

These resources will explore how you can craft a pension strategy that supports the objectives of your organisation, as well as the needs of current and future employees. Resources in this area will also explore how to manage the risks inherent in the pension benefits already built up by your current and past employees

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Implementing pensions change

Getting the implementation right is crucial when it comes to pension schemes. The information in this area will show you how to go about successfully introducing pension change. Resources will focus on issues such as employee education, communication and engagement, plus, project management implementation and review tools.

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2014 Budget changes to pensions

Information for your employees

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Introducing auto-enrolment to employees

A simple two minute animation created by KPMG's Pension Communications Team for companies who want to introduce their employees to the concept of automatic enrolment.

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Pensions jargon buster

A glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations used every day in the pensions industry

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