Outplacement scheme eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria

  1. You must be a CIPD member and have been out of work (unemployed) and actively seeking work for at least six months. 
  2. Work is defined as a full or part time paid employment role within an organisation. 
  3. Reasons for unemployment might be through redundancy, career break or maternity leave, but in all cases evidence will be required to confirm at least 6 months active job seeking. 
  4. Seeking self-employed business and developing own consultancy services is excluded from the definition of actively seeking full or part time paid employment. 
  5. Membership of CIPD at whatever recognised grade for at least 2 years. 
  6. A continuous record of membership for that period which can include a period on the ‘hardship’ register. 
  7. Access to out-placement is limited to one consultation in any 2 year period. 
  8. Access to out-placement is not applicable where a member has benefited from an employer redundancy package which included a consultation. 
  9. Participating members will provide feedback to the CIPD Membership Development team at the end of the programme about their experience. They will also inform CIPD as soon as they have successfully found a new job. 
  10. If CIPD members booked on the outplacement scheme are unable to participate, they must provide Penna with at least 48 hours cancellation notice. Otherwise they will be charged a cancellation fee of £125.