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CIPD Podcast 112 - LGBT+ at work

This month we’re doing something a little bit different and bringing you a new podcast every week. All of them are about LGBT issues in the workplace. Why? With over 60% of LGBT graduates who were ‘out’ at university going back into the closet when they start work, and employees who feel they can’t disclose using as much as 30% of their mental energy hiding their true identity this is a vital issue for HR to get right and to keep developing beyond policies and disclosure statistics.

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We publish a new CIPD podcast on the first Tuesday of every month. Each episode is like a short radio show, focusing on a workplace or people management topic.

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Our 100th episode!

Since the series began hundreds of people have taken a turn in the podcast hot seat and we have charted the ebb and flow of an HR profession that's fast-evolving into a 21st century powerhouse.

To celebrate our 100th episode we offered you the chance to take your turn, to favour us with your thoughts, hopes and fears about your profession, and favour us you did.

So click here to listen to our collection of interviews, with you, our listeners, sharing your words of wisdom.


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