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Conflict management: a shift in direction?

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Conflict management: a shift in direction?

Published March 2015

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Examines changes in employers’ use of different methods of managing individual conflict and how far recent changes in legislation on dispute resolution, including the introduction of employment tribunal fees, have impacted employer practices. The two case studies (Capgemini and a drinks company) highlight the shift in approach being adopted by enlightened employers towards greater informality in managing conflict.

"The reduction in claims volumes, and the increased emphasis of public policy on conciliation, has led some to anticipate the possibility of a marked reduction in the role of the law in the dispute resolution process."

Content of the report

  • Summary of key findings
  • Introduction: research outline
  • 1 Employers’ responses to recent changes in employment legislation
  • 2 Changes in employers’ use of conflict management mechanisms
  • Conclusions
  • Case studies
  • References
  • Note on methodology