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Cultivating trustworthy leaders

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Cultivating trustworthy leaders

Published April 2014

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This report is the second in a series produced in a collaboration between the CIPD and the University of Bath. The first report was published in 2012 and highlighted ways of rebuilding lost trust within organisations. This second report extends the earlier research to focus on the nature of trustworthy senior leadership. It looks at HR systems and processes in organisations that cultivate trustworthy leaders and explores the sorts of organisational cultures or ecosystems that enable trustworthiness to thrive.

"What seems to be crucial in order to create an environment of trust and trustworthiness is that
the practices and policies evolve alongside the is primarily relational and we
believe that this needs to be recognised by organisations in order to cultivate trustworthy leaders."

The report includes case studies of practice in 13 organisations: Aberdeenshire Council, ABN AMRO, BAE Systems, BBC Worldwide, the Church of England, Day Lewis Pharmacy Group, GKN, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs, John Lewis Partnership, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Serco and Unilever.

These case studies highlight innovative practice in the selection and development of trustworthy leaders, and in assessing and rewarding trustworthiness. They also provide examples of different interpretations of trust and trustworthiness.

Content of the report
  • Introduction
  • Cultivating trustworthy leaders
  • The ecosystem of trust
  • The interplay between trust and practices and policies
  • Appendix 1: the case studies
  • Appendix 2: additional information about data collection and analysis
  • References

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