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Experiencing trustworthy leadership

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Experiencing trustworthy leadership

Published September 2014

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This third report in our series on leadership, produced in a collaboration between the CIPD and the University of Bath, looks at how followers experience trustworthy senior leaders within some of the UK’s major corporations and institutions. The focus of the report is on the experience of their colleagues, their teams and the bosses who work alongside senior leaders. This is viewed through practice, process, actions and behaviours.

"One of the potential challenges our research brought up is the ability of leaders to develop sustainable
relationships with their followers in a world of work that is increasingly mobile and international."

Contents of report

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • From trusted leaders to trustworthy leadership
  • The trustworthy leader: human, relational and personal
  • The space of trust
  • The challenge of distance
  • Benefits of trust relationships
  • Lessons learned and implications for HR
  • Appendix: Additional information about data collection and analysis

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