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Evolution of HR analytics: a Middle East perspective

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Evolution of HR analytics: A Middle East perspective

Published April 2015

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How are organisations in the Middle East approaching HR analytics? What are some of the challenges that they face when attempting to use HR data?

This research explores how organisations in the Middle East use HR analytics, and looks to understand how practice is developing in organisations of varying size, age and industry. It draws on the results of a survey of Middle East organisations and in-depth case study research with nine organisations at different stages of their analytics journey. Participating organisations include: Petrofac, First Gulf Bank, Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), Serco and DP World.

The research finds that analytical talent in the region is lacking and as a result HR teams are finding it difficult to develop their analytics initiatives. There is a huge demand for expertise but short supply of capable HR analysts able to understand both analytical techniques and the complexity of HR.  Where analytics processes are in place organisations are sharing their insights internally and are tying analytics activity into strategic decision making. Our survey showed that the HR strategy for Middle East organisations is increasingly informed by HR analytics, with 82% of respondents stating that they use the output from their HR analytics activity to develop the HR strategy. Overall we found that there is huge opportunity for organisations in the region to develop HR analytics activity, as long as investment is targeted on developing capability and improving technology.

Content of the report

Executive summary

  1. The research
  2. What we found
Conclusions and recommendations
Case studies
Appendix 1: Background to the HR analytics in the Middle East survey
Appendix 2: HR analytics metrics in use by organisations in the Middle East

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