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Organising HR for partnering success

Beyond the organisation series

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Organising HR for partnering success

Published November 2013

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This report is the second in the series: Beyond the organisation, written in collaboration with the Centre for Performance-led HR at Lancaster University.

The report provides an overview of the main challenges and opportunities for HR in supporting partnering arrangement success. It outlines the importance of evaluating the suitability of existing HR structures and delivery mechanisms for this new way of working.

Six overarching issues are identified for the HR function to consider when deciding on the most appropriate HR architecture (function design, structure and processes). Each issue represents a challenge for HR around the design and operation of the function as well as an opportunity to significantly increase partnering effectiveness.

‘The overarching message from the literature is that HR not only has a role in
advising on the people and organisational issues that must be served in
collaborative arrangements, but ... it also has to adapt its HR delivery model.’

Contents of the report

  • Introduction
  • The need to reconsider the HR architecture
  • Six main issues for HR
            1 Understanding the way the whole partnering network operates to inform HR choices 
            2 Supporting partnership arrangements needs to be a core HR capability  
            3 Differentiating the level of strategic HR support between arrangements  
            4 Designing HR to deal with crisis situations  
            5 Developing leadership for the network  
            6 Dealing with the issue of employees’ dual identity
  • Summary and what’s next

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