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HR: getting smart about agile working

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HR: getting smart about agile working

Published November 2014

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Organisational agility is critical to business success. It has the potential to offer organisations practical solutions to meet the evolving needs of their workforce, as well as controlling operational costs and finding competitive advantage in greater customer focus and innovation. The findings of this research are based on a survey of HR leaders, an employee survey, focus groups and case study illustrations.

"...the HR function has the opportunity to use the people management practices
to find  mutually beneficial solutions for both employees and organisations,
and improve organisational responsiveness to change through talent planning,
training and development, job and organisation design, and cultural transformation."

Content of the report

  • Introduction
            1 What is agile working and why does it matter? 
            2 Agile workforce 
            3 Agile environments and cultures 
            4 Agile HR

Appendix 1: HR survey respondents’ profile
Appendix 2: Case studies