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Insight and intuition

Fresh thinking in learning and development

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Insight and intuition

Published February 2014

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This Research Insight, the third in a series three reports written with key experts, allows us to tap into the insight potential of new areas. The intention is that this will help build the capability which helps L&D build its role at the centre of organisational learning

This report, written with Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith of the University of Surrey, addresses intuition and insight, linking them to the behaviours of creativity and innovation.

"Intuition and insight are more abstract than other cognitive skills such as numeracy and verbal reasoning,
but they have a demonstrable and often disproportionate impact on thinking effectiveness."

Contents of the report
  • Executive summary
  • The importance of innovation and insight
    – Improving ideation through insight
    – Creative problem-solving and solution-seeking
    – Innovation and inspiration breaking through the thinking barrier
  • The science of intuition and insight
    – Searching for intuition: the emerging research
    – Intuition, insight and cognition: keeping ideas alive and kicking
    – Moods and the moment of inspiration: the importance of feeling and behaviour to
    insight and intuition
  • The organisational learning context of intuition and insight
    – The deep business value of intuition and insight
    – Intuition, insight and working with expertise
    – Insight and intuition tools and templates for practice
  • Conclusion and practice pointers

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