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Inspiring youth enterprise

Entrepreneurs: What can we learn from them? Part 3/3

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Inspiring youth enterprise

Published May 2014

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With high youth unemployment new generations of young business owners are leading the way out of the downturn and the top three sectors in terms of numbers are Internet-based businesses, apps and retail. This report focuses on youth enterprise and how some entreprenuers have developed creative business ideas and innovative offerings.

However there is still a big gap between those who aspire to start up their own businesses and those who actually do. This research, therefore, highlights the real-life stories and learnings of young entrepreneurs and some of the practical steps that can help aspirations turn into realities. It also describes some of the great enterprise education already being provided by educational providers, with the purpose of encouraging more of this activity. It concludes with policy recommendations to help support the successful growth of young enterprise activity.

"Enterprise is one avenue for supporting economic independence and
can tie in well  to young people’s desires to make a difference and
be engaged in something that is not just about making excessive profits."


Content of the report

  • Foreword
  • Youth enterprise: the context
  • Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs…
  • And some of the organisations leading the way when it comes to enterprise education…
  • Policy recommendations
  • Useful resources for young entrepreneurs
  • References

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