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Leadership – easier said than done

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Leadership – easier said than done

Published May 2014

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Our previous research has suggested that organisations' efforts to improve leadership might be misplaced, if efforts are focusing only on training the capability of individual leaders.  This new report explores the capacity of individuals at all levels of an organisation to buy into and lead on the organisational agenda, highlighting how misaligned organisational structures and processes can get in the way of leadership. 

"Where business partners need to improve is in understanding both
the operational and strategic agenda and in challenging top–down
attempts to overrule decisions with authoritative power."

Content of the report
  • About this report
  • Introduction
  • Challenge 1: Hierarchy and bureaucracy
  • Challenge 2: Short-term, bottom-line focus
  • Challenge 3: Individualism
  • Challenge 4: ‘Us’ and ‘them’ mentality
  • Improving leadership through developing organisations
  • Appendix: Research method

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