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Managing the value of your talent: key findings and conclusions

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Managing the value of your talent: key findings and conclusions

Published July 2014

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Three professional bodies representing the accounting, management and human resources professions – CIMA, the CMI, and the CIPD together with the RSA – have collaborated on the Valuing your Talent (VyT) research project. The work, which is being supported and sponsored by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and Investors in People (IIP), is designed to help employers better understand the impact their people have on the performance of their organisation and as a result make better people management and workforce investment-related decisions.

Through the research we have developed a common framework for the range of human capital information and measures that organisations might use. We also want to promote further discussion on what might be critical common metrics for more consistent external reporting. Based on a wide range of input, including from members of the investment community, four primary human capital measures were identified which we believe organisations should report externally in their annual reports.

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