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Megatrends: are organisations losing the trust of their workers?

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Megatrends: are organisations losing the trust of their workers?

Published December 2013

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In our recent Megatrends report, we set out some of the big economic and social trends that have helped to shape work and working life in recent decades, such as deindustrialisation and demographic change. While the future is uncertain, it seems likely that many of these trends will continue to have an impact for years or even decades to come. Equally, past trends can stop having an impact – or even go into reverse – and new trends will emerge.

This second publication in the series asks whether we are seeing a breakdown in trust between organisations and the people who work for them. The report presents data from a wide range of surveys and research documenting recent trends in employee trust in senior management.  It analyses the various factors likely to be behind weak employee trust, the implications for organisations when trust is lost, and how trust can be rebuilt. A summary of the key findings is also included.

"Trust varies across the workforce and between different organisations. In particular, trust is lacking
among public sector workers ... In contrast, trust is more widespread in small organisations
where leaders have greater visibility and establish personal relationships with employees."

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