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Neuroscience and learning

Fresh thinking in learning and development

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Neuroscience and learning

Published February 2014

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About this download

This Research Insight, the first in a series three reports written with key experts, allows us to tap into the insight potential of new areas. The intention is that this will help build the capability which helps L&D build its role at the centre of organisational learning.

This report, written with Dr Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol, explores how learning can be informed by neuroscience.

"Neuroscience is producing many insights with genuine relevance for L&D ...
they are an exciting new source of evidence to be used alongside other perspectives
 in the ongoing development and evaluation of new approaches to L&D."

Contents of the report

  • Executive summary
  • Neuroscience and education – a new field of insight for learning and HR
    – Our brains build our learning, learning builds our brains
    – What you can learn about lifelong learning from a child, your cabbie and from juggling
    – It all begins in the classroom: the decade of the brain
  • Some key neuroscience insights for workplace learning
    – Reading, writing and counting
    – Getting in the swim: learning, well-being and exercise
    – Learning and the rewards of uncertainty
  • Neuroscience, learning and development
    – Creativity and the innovative brain
    – The nurtured brain: stimulants and sleep
    – The wired brain: neuroscience and the design, use and impact of technology
    – How games seriously build skills
    – The tools and traps of neuroscience
  • Conclusion and practice pointers

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