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Recruiting and developing talented people for SME growth

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Recruiting and developing talented people for SME growth

Published July 2014

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This is one of a series of reports looking at different aspects of various people management issues in SMEs. It is intended for anyone with responsibility for the people approach in their organisation, whether you are an HR professional, owner/founder, business leader or office manager.

This report builds on the findings of previous CIPD research and looks at how 13 case study organisations have addressed some of the main recruitment and talent management challenges and opportunities.

"Recruiting young people brings business benefits such as building a talent pipeline,
 improving workforce diversity and bringing new ideas and skills into the workplace."

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Our research

1 The importance of hiring the right people
2 Finding the right recruitment process for your organisation
3 Make development a key part of working for your organisation
4 Developing management capability
5 Looking to your future talent


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