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Social media and employee voice: the current landscape

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Social media and employee voice: the current landscape

Published March 2013

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This report reviews existing literature on the opportunities that social media opens up for employee voice. By scoping the landscape in this way, it is hoped that this report will guide future research in this area.

The report examines the impact and implications of using social media in organisations. It tracks how social media is changing the way people interact and argues that it stands to change the nature of the employment relationship.

Yet only a minority of organisations have embraced social media as a channel for employee voice and many are apprehensive about using it in-house. The report warns that there is little organisations can do to stem the rise of social media, so employers should be taking the opportunity to shape how social media is used while they can.

“…drastic changes are afoot to the way in which employee voice is expressed within organisations. Yet, however voice channels and the conceptualisation of employee voice change in the future, one hard truth remains: if it is not heard, it is not genuine voice.”