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Putting social media to work: lessons from employers

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Putting social media to work: lessons from employers

Published June 2014

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This report presents the main themes from seven in-depth case studies which trace the journeys that the organisations have taken in developing their use of social media with employees, and go into more detail on their operating contexts, their uses of social technology and the benefits they have observed.

The case studies are: Adnams, Bromford, Cape UK, Devon and Cornwall Police, Marks & Spencer, Santa Fe Group and Southeastern.

"...if people are to contribute their ideas, they increasingly expect interaction, personal
connections, freedom of expression (not box-ticking) and fast responses. Employees are no
different and, while most employers have some catching up to do, social media stands as an
obvious communication tool of choice because it is naturally engaging and easy to use."

Content of the report


  1. The case study organisations
  2. What’s unique about social media?
  3. Why do we use social media and how does it benefit the organisation?
  4. Going about the social media journey
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