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Landing transformational change

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Landing transformational change

Published September 2014

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How do the OD, L&D and HR professionals with responsibility for initiating, advising on and facilitating transformation in their organisations know what works, where and why?

This report covers some of the latest thinking and innovative ideas in the field of change management that can help to land transformational change. Drawing on a comprehensive literature review on change management the report develops ten themes on transformational change practice to provide a platform of knowledge on designing, managing and embedding change essential for OD, L&D and HR professionals.

"Many efforts of transformation require a shift in culture, yet are simultaneously thwarted by old culture.’"

Content of the report

1 Overview of the ten transformation themes
2 Designing the transformation
3 Techniques for building understanding
4 Managing the transformation
Appendix: Key action points for practitioners

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Transformational change: key action points
Published September 2014

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Landing transformational change: closing the gap between theory and practice

How do the themes identified on transformational change apply in practice? Explore the different approaches through the case study examples.