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Understanding the business issues in partnering arrangements

Beyond the organisation series

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Understanding the business issues in partnering arrangements

Published August 2013

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This report is the first in the series: Beyond the organisation, written in collaboration with the Centre for Performance-led HR at Lancaster University.

It examines the changing nature of work and what are the implications for HR’s role. This report aims to provide practical guidance for HR professionals and managers on how to deliver excellent people management beyond their own organisation, to support the success of business partnering arrangements.

'Managing HR beyond the organisation involves a significant shift in the way we work,
both for the HR function itself and for those working in the partnering arrangement.... 
With this new way of working becoming more prevalent, expertise in this area is vital
for competitive advantage.'

Contents of the report

  • Introduction
  • How are we defining business partnering arrangements?
  • Managing risk and opportunity beyond your organisation
  • Managing governance beyond your organisation
  • Building the capability for learning and knowledge-sharing beyond your organisation
  • Summary and what’s next
  • Appendix: methodology
  • Glossary
  • References

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