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Employee Outlook: Autumn 2013

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Employee Outlook: Autumn 2013

Published October 2013

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The Employee Outlook survey, produced in partnership with Halogenis now produced twice a year. This will allow more time for trends to develop between surveys and we will also be running more topical focus outlook reports in between.

This survey was conducted by YouGov for the CIPD of 2,918 employees. The survey tracks employee engagement via the Employee Outlook Engagement Index as well as employees’ attitudes towards their line managers and senior managers, as well as the extent to which employees feel under pressure at work.

This latest report found that job seeking intentions are at their highest since spring 2011. After years of labour market stagnation, talent is once again on the move and fewer organisations are implementing recruitment freezes.

"... there are real signs that talent is preparing to be on the move again. Job-seeking intentions
continue to rise this autumn and have reached a two year high; almost a quarter (24%)
are actively looking for a new job with a different employer."

A new section explores employees' perceptions of their performance management processes and progression opportunities and motivations.

Contents of report

  • Key findings
  • Job satisfaction and engagement
  • Employee attitudes towards managers
  • Performance management
  • Pressure at work
  • Work–life balance
  • Employee attitudes and the economic downturn
  • Job-seeking
  • Conclusions

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