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Employee Outlook: Autumn 2015

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Employee Outlook: Autumn 2015

Published October 2015

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Employee Outlook, produced in partnership with Halogen, is produced twice a year: spring and autumn.
The report highlights a need for organisations to consider how they can increase the amount of autonomy employees have at work to use their skills and ideas through more empowering leadership and line management, as well as improved job design.
'When asked what things help employees to be productive, top of the list is work
that they find interesting (40%) and being able to use their initiative (39%).'
Key findings 
  1. Job satisfaction and employee engagement
  2. Employee attitudes towards senior leaders and line managers
  3. Communication, employee voice and advocacy
  4. Work–life balance and pressure at work
  5. Performance management and career progression
  6. Employee productivity
  7. Skills shortages and mismatches
  8. Job-seeking

Conclusion: Empower, stimulate and match employee skills to roles to boost workplace productivity

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'Over three-fifths of employees believe that broadening their job role could make better use of their skills and experience.'



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