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Employee Outlook: Focus on pay

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Employee Outlook: Focus on pay

Published August 2014

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Findings from the CIPD’s summer 2014 Employee Outlook focus survey are based on a sample of 2,153 working adults. The fieldwork was undertaken by YouGov between 13 and 23 June 2014 and the survey was carried out online.

Content of the report

  • Overview
  • Pay outlook
  • Pay impact
  • Conclusions
  • Background to the survey

Summary of key findings

  • In the first half of the year, 30% of those questioned enjoyed a pay rise, up from 28% recorded at this time in 2013 and 25% in 2012.
  • The proportion of workers getting a pay rise in the private sector (32%) is greater than the public sector (20%).
  • Among those who had seen their salary go up, the increase is worth 2% at the median; those in the private sector (3%) have enjoyed a higher rise than those in the public sector (1%).
  • By employer size, those working for micro (23%) and small (25%) employers have been less likely to see a pay rise compared with those employed in medium (34%) and large organisations (32%). 
  • Those employed in Scotland (38%), the North East of England (34%), North West of England (33%) and the West Midlands (33%) have been the most likely to have seen their pay go up; those working in Wales (17%) the least.
  • Those employees that are engaged have received a higher pay increase since the start of 2014 and on average this rise has been worth 3%. However, the survey data indicates that a 3% pay rise is only one of many factors associated with employee engagement.

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