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Employee Outlook: Focus on employee well-being

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Employee Outlook: Focus on employee well-being

Published October 2013

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This latest report is based on a YouGov survey conducted for the CIPD of 2,229 UK employees between June and July 2013 and also includes findings from the CIPD 2013 Absence management survey also conducted in June and July 2013.

CIPD research has consistently highlighted the importance of focusing on employee health and well-being for sustainable performance.  This report identifies the overarching themes that have emerged during the last four years and examines whether employees are feeling under pressure, presenteeism (going to work when ill) and what organisations provide for employees in terms of support.

The economic climate has put UK organisations and their employees under strain. Many people have seen multiple rounds of redundancies, experienced a high degree of uncertainty over their job and the nature of their role, along with an increased workload and a reduction in real pay increases and benefits.

The findings of the survey have highlighted some key areas for attention and particularly the need for employers to think more creatively about what they can offer to promote health and well-being.  

"To make the most of your investment in initiatives, regular and clear communication
to staff about what’s on offer and how they can access resources and services is essential."

Contents of the report

  • Overview of the report
  • Overarching trends in the UK workplace
  • Is the workforce under pressure?
  • Presenteeism
  • Employer support for health and well-being
  • Conclusion
  • Further sources of information
  • Background to the survey

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